About Us - Stella Mary's CBSE School

Welcome To Stella Mary's CBSE School

Stella Mary's CBSE School is promoted by the Nova Educational Trust, founded by well-known business entrepreneur Dr. Nazareth Charles and his wife late Mrs. Mary Stella Charles.

As a 21st century educational institution, our unique value proposition is to respond proactively to the growing need for nurturing skills. We do this through specialized programs that place students on a growth continuum, helping them move up the ladder, across subjects and levels.

Our vision is to emerge as a favoured edu-destination for twenty-first century thinkers and doers; where the priority will be learning and global citizenship. In the Stella Mary"s learning space, students will be provided with academic support and spiritual guidance; to ensure that they become creative and logical thinkers, capable of making a difference to society.

Message From Chairman

Dear Parents,

It is my pleasure to welcome you all to Stella Mary's School. We will work in partnership with your child and yourselves to ensure the very best educational experience possible. It is our aim to provide an experience that allows your child to be very well prepared for both the present and the world they will inherit in the future.

A key to education is that students need to be challenged in all that they do; to identify their strengths as well as areas for improvement. Our expertly trained teachers and staff will work alongside you and your child to offer a broad and enriched curriculum both within the school day and beyond that extends your child’s understanding of the curriculum; while providing them with the necessary skills to think critically, solve problems, communicate effectively and act responsibly.

Why Choose SMCS

  • A safe, secure and a happy learning environment
  • Well-qualified faculty
  • Value-based education for an all-round student development
  • Emphasis on Spoken English in the campus
  • The Teacher-Student ratio in Kindergarten is 1:15
  • The Teacher-Student ratio in Primary is 1:30
  • Wide Range of Extra-Curricular activities

Our Methods

With the CBSE curriculum as the foundation of our pedagogy, our seven-point agenda provides every student and teacher an enduring learning experience:

Identify, study and utilise the learning graph of every student, in the context of the CBSE curriculum

Plan and design learning programs that factor in the needs of students, across classes and subjects - taking care to include special needs that might arise

Implement teaching practices that are student-centric, while being sensitive to the emotional and social needs of the region

Provide additional learning arenas through skill-building bases, sports facilities, media-rooms and performing arts platforms

Assess student performance on a broad-based protocol that factors in CBSE requirements as well as global assessment patterns.

Nurture in every student a long-lasting empathy for fellow human-beings that could lead to concrete betterment in the lives of the less fortunate.

Ensure smooth operation of a Quality Assurance protocol in every facet of institutional operations, bringing all stakeholders together, in its ambit